Professionals tend to use different risk assessments to identify threat, risk or concern. This has meant on occasion that the language of need, harm and risk has often been inconsistent, led to misunderstandings, miscommunication and partners not speaking the same language. Safeguarding is everybody’s business and partners form part of integrated, partnership and ongoing assessment processes.

This is why we are introducing EVOLUTION ‘prompts’ to safeguarding partnerships that will provide an early-warning system and ensure holistic thinking. EVOLUTION is a mnemonic and the ‘prompts’ will ensure that professionals are able to consider and articulate what they have seen and heard (evidenced) following attendance within households and when interacting with members of the public in any setting. The prompts ensure nothing is missed inadvertently and that practitioners are considering the known triggers of need, harm and risk in all situations, even when the individual has a multitude of other tasks to consider. It was designed to be easy to use.

EVOLUTION forms part of a whole-system approach within a safeguarding partnership as it will prompt practitioners to highlight immediately those who need help, support or even challenge to their behaviours not just victims.

It encourages and supports frontline staff to collect and articulate evidence to support decision-making and assessment by using their professional judgement, curiosity and discretion. It is an aide to professional practice and concerns or gaps in information can be identified and analysed even when professionals cannot fully identify an area of need, harm and risk, but their professional experience and knowledge is making them suspect things are not as they should be within a given ‘prompt’ area.

EVOLUTION ‘prompts’ and the information gathered starts the understanding within the partnership of need, harm and risk picture. The ‘prompts’ add value in a fuller partnership picture.
This enables all services to target interventions at those in need, suffering harm or at risk. It will also ensure help is provided at the earliest opportunity to children, adults and families.
EVOLUTION enhances assessments and it is a professional’s way of obtaining a service for children, vulnerable adults and families. EVOLUTION will help professionals to make a difference.

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