Diagnostic Reviews

Who We Are

As the originators of the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) concept we now work with highly experienced social work and safeguarding professionals supporting and improving systems, practice, and partnership working.

We have evolved MASH to a whole system approach ‘needs analysis model’ encompassing children services front doors and all connected pathways.

We recognise that the effectiveness of each part of children’s social care is reliant on a wholly efficient and effective front door in delivering the best outcomes for children.

What We Do

We provide diagnostic reviews of the systems, processes and practice of the front door, MASH and connectivity to Early Offer of Help models and statutory interventions.

Using innovative design expertise we work with you to create the most effective context appropriate front door structures delivering outstanding social work and partnership practice.

We identify the most efficient ways to respond quickly and appropriately to all levels of need, harm and risk to children.

How We Deliver For You
  • Diagnostics of social work front door, connected processes and functions
  • Review information and knowledge management and the timely identification and analysis of need, harm and risk
  • Examine decision-making ,compliance and governance activities encompassing the use of systems and professional behaviours
  • Consider if intervention, diversion and prevention decisions are being made in the best interest of the child and the no delay principle is being applied.
  • Auditing of contacts (Levels 1,2,3, 4 and Statutory notifications) to identify practice learning and system issues
  • Evidence based report with recommendations for the delivery of the most effective front door together with practice learning to drive continual service improvement and organisational change.
How You Benefit
  • Evidence and experience based oversight of how children move through the system and the standards of practice within each part
  • Recommendations and cutting edge design to ensure the most effective and efficient front door service for the partnership and social care
  • A proactive early and coordinated approach contextualising family strengths and risk from the outset to build on resilience and getting families the right help and support quickly
  • Efficient and enhanced demand management through the earliest interventions by a partnership
  • Lean information systems and business process that support staff to record work accurately and efficiently
  • Well-supported, confident and knowledgeable staff with managers who have an overview of the child’s journey through monitoring
  • Lawful and appropriate information sharing with no delay for children.