Social Work Offer

Who We Are

A company of highly experienced social workers and safeguarding professionals passionate about supporting practice, partnership working and children’s rights.

Our Offer

A whole system, outcomes-based, accountability model for your social work improvement journey through direct work with social workers and managers to improve practice standards, decisions and planning on active cases.

Experience based, supportive role modelling with the provision of unique, Ofsted acclaimed tools which enhance management oversight and case supervision to critically evaluate progress which is challenging and detailed with purposeful actions.

How We Deliver For You
  • Direct work and role modelling with social workers and their managers
  • A locally defined, targeted ,cross service and whole system approach
  • Specialist social work skills appropriate to specific service teams
  • Provision of Ofsted supported tools which compliment all current social work approaches
  • Delivery of practice based, bite sized workshops to underpin modelling with knowledge
  • Practice learning drives continual service improvement and organisational change
  • Direct input in relation to complex case analysis and mapping.
How You Benefit
  • Social work excellence delivered through tenacious, highly skilled practitioners
  • Tangible savings, improved performance and meaningful compliance
  • Efficient structured approach improving quality of assessments, analysis and case planning with auditable decisions
  • Simplistic analytic tools which compliment and enhance existing social work models and approaches
  • Ofsted evidence of impact in case management, decision-making and core planning
  • Childs voice and journey visible in assessments and plans.
Ofsted Said Of The Approach:

“…Improved the quality of decisions and planning for children.”

“…Introduction of social work model of managing risk has enhanced the quality of social work…”

Principle Social Worker Said:

“When we were recently inspected, social workers were able to articulate their use of the tools and Inspectors could see evidence of its use and impact on case management decision-making and planning.”

Team Manager Corporate Parenting Said:

“The model enables me to put myself in the child’s shoes.”

Social Worker Safeguarding Service Said:

“The tools are a robust way of identifying the child’s lived experiences whilst taking
into account the cumulative harm elements.”