The Team

Nib Shared Vision was founded to be at the heart of safeguarding excellence through the delivery of a range of consulting services, innovation and design within safeguarding practice.

The organisation created and leads the international Twitter movement #VOC (Voice of the Child) which has triggered a global conversation to highlight the right of all children and young people to a voice under Article 12 of the UN convention rights of the child.

It aims to enhance the integration of all safeguarding professionals through multi-disciplinary conversations and events.

The NibSharedVision team


Marisa de Jager

Marisa is a qualified Social Worker with statutory case management and strategic management experience as a Social Work practitioner and manager in Child Protection.

She has knowledge and experience as a specialist consultant and Project manager with development and implementation of Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub style models and its unique connectivity to Early Offer of Help and locality models in the UK.

In her native country of South Africa Marisa developed and successfully implemented training and life skills programmes as part of a non profit organisation to rehabilitate and strengthen youth, their families and communities in difficulty.

She delivered a combination of interventions and training in partnership with schools, youth offending institutions and within prisons with the aim to build skills and resilience so youth and their families felt empowered with the issues they faced then and in future.

Marisa has a longstanding interest in innovation and finding more effective ways of protecting children and vulnerable adults.

Marisa beliefs that efforts should be aimed at strengthening and empowering children, young people, families and their communities to create an environment where all feel supported and children and young people in particular can reflect, connect and problem solve.

As an approved ISO 9001:2008 QMS Auditor/ Lead Auditor for assessing quality management systems Marisa has experience of developing safeguarding systems and quality practice to enhance risk identification and harm prediction, traceability and continual improvement and currently conducts regular audits, stakeholder and gap analysis to highlight any areas of deficiency and potential system improvement for Local Authorities and their partnerships.

Marisa has recently presented at several national conferences concerning partnership working, intelligence led safeguarding and her Voice of the Child (#voc #childsvoice) national and international campaign.

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Nigel Boulton
Nigel served as a Police officer for 31 years with Devon and Cornwall Police. He now runs nibconsulting Ltd and the associates network, providing expertise regarding the design and delivery of true Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASH), their connection to all early intervention and safeguarding practice as well as the early identification of risk to vulnerable people through analysis. He also runs an associated company, nibhealth-safe Ltd, providing specialist safeguarding training for health professionals and bespoke courses in connection with information sharing and intelligence-led safeguarding.

Nigel spent most of his career as a Detective serving for 11 years as a Detective Superintendent leading and managing the investigation of Homicide and Serious and Organised Crime enquiries. He worked extensively in the UK and abroad. He spent the final three years of his service as the head of Crime and Operations for a Basic Command Unit.

It was during this period that he designed and delivered the original concept of Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs the true design of which draws on his experiences dealing with risk assessment and decision making in relation to extremely sensitive intelligence.

As well as providing consulting services through his company he supports the Local Government Association peer review process as a specialist peer in relation to safeguarding.

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Rachel Maloney
Rachel Maloney is a qualified Social Worker who has worked with children and families from diverse backgrounds in social care settings for over 25 years. She has particular experience and knowledge of safeguarding and supporting children who have been sexually exploited, adopted or fostered, experiencing mental health issues, children seeking asylum, trafficked young people and Young Carers.

She is an Independent Social Work Consultant and trainer, and chairs local authority and voluntary sector Adoption and Fostering panels, as well as working as a consultant and trainer with a number of children’s charities. She volunteers as a trustee for her local Carers organisation and supports the board to strategically plan for the needs of Young Carers within the borough.

She is passionate about ensuring children and young people are supported to have and achieve high aspirations, challenging processes that do not support children and young people to access services when they need to, tenaciously working to break down barriers to enable children to have their views heard, listened to, and acted on where this will enhance their life opportunities.

She is also passionate about driving forward an uplift in Social Work practice, through effective evidence based supervision, training, and analytical sound interventions.


Marinda is a qualified social worker with 16 years of experience working with children and families, predominantly child protection. This includes experience in statutory case work as a Social Work practitioner, Team Manager in a child protection service and strategic management as a Business Manager for a Local Safeguarding Children Board.

In her native country of South Africa, Marinda delivered trauma therapy on behalf of the South African Police department for victims of rape and sexual assaults. She also delivered training and workshops to schools, parents, prisons and young people and adults with mental health difficulties with the aim to enhance their skills and ability to cope and manage the challenges they face on a day to day basis.

Marinda managed and helped delivered a symposium on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) to a number of professionals across the Western Cape district of South Africa. Out of 187 countries, a study found that South Africa has the highest prevalence rate of FAS, at 111 per 1,000 people.

Marinda has a passion for children and vulnerable people and strongly believe that their voices should be heard and recognised throughout the interventions of all professionals / adults who work with children and young people. She is committed to encouraging professionals to work in partnership and collectively to ensure children are safe and well cared for.


Emma is a passionate individual committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults and the provision of outstanding safeguarding services.

With over 17 years of work experience in the sales and marketing industry she has built up a successful professional working ethos supporting business development of many companies including those in the child and adult safeguarding business areas within both the statutory and non-statutory sectors.

Emma provides the initial point of contact for all professionals interested in engaging with Shared Vision and has an in-depth knowledge of the services and support the company provides.